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Sedgley Park Farm Lake Restoration

Working for Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) the works involved shrub and tree clearance, desilting of the lake and installation of drainage and head walls. Using a long reach excavator with tree shears the trees were cut down and used for a timber ‘crib’ wall to retain the silt. Topsoil was removed in the upper silt placement area and the silt left to dry out. On completion of the desilting works a new head wall and outflow pipework was installed linking to the lower pool. Rock and rip-rap material were placed at the inflow and the outfall to the lake for scour protection under flood conditions.

Close liaison with Dudley MBC and the Environment Agency identified an effective, sustainable solution for disposal of the silt, which ensured that public safety remained a priority. Public access was maintained and the work areas secured in line with WM Longreach’s safety and environmental procedures. The silt was covered with a protective membrane and a topsoil layer so that in the event of unauthorised access into the silt spread area, the ground could sustain pedestrian loading.

On completion of the works the footpath was reinstated and work areas landscaped resulting in a real enhancement in the appearance of the park.