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Wrest Park Lake Desilting

Old Park Water forms a key part of the water features of this historic landscape park. Designed by Capability Brown the site is of great archaeological importance. The desilting operations form part of the restoration of the park now under the ownership of English Heritage.

To avoid disturbance to the lake bed and to fulfil the archaeological watching brief long reach excavators, were used to work from the bank edges. With the widest section at almost 30m across the excavator was extended to ensure that the lake bed was not affected. Silt was spread locally in the adjacent field and levelled to the required profile with a de-watering system in place to control the constant water flow through the lake.

Over 4000m3 of silt was removed and a successful outcome achieved. WM Longreach worked closely with English Heritage, the drainage authorities and the archaeologists to ensure that all requirements were met. The water level has now been restored and the fish reintroduced to the lake, forming an attractive place for visitors.