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Longleat Lake Desilting

Working for the Longleat Estate, the dredging of the famous 'Half Mile Lake' was one of the most challenging projects to date involving the removal of over 26000m3 of silt. The successful outcome of the project was down to great teamwork and planning to ensure the wide range of safety and environmental risks were managed.  The material was pumped almost 2km and routed to minimise any disturbance to the daily operation of the safari park.

Live and potentially deadly hippos, the ever playful sealions, regular boat trips around the lake with strict animal welfare protocols, ecological issues and the need to move the large volume over such a distance was always a challenge – great teamwork was key to such an achievement.   Works also included the management of a geotechnical investigation on the dam structures, repairs to bank edges and access paths and the construction of a temporary route for the pipeline including a road crossing.