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Stoneydelph Balancing Pond

Working directly for the local authority, Tamworth Borough Council, over 3500m3 of silt was to be removed from an iportant balancing pond, for both flood prevention and environmental benefit.  The project wa also supported by the local community for its leisure and amenity value.

The works comprised the dredging of the balancing pond with associated vegetation removal as required, the screening of the silt, its storage whilst drying piror to haulage, removal of the silt and finally the reinstatement of the site.

For the main dredging operations the water in the pond was pumped down and low ground pressure, long reach excavators used to excavate silt.  This was loaded into dumpers and transported to the spread area for drying out.

Following tests on the condition of the silt and liaison with the Environment Agency, it was agreed that the silt could be removed after the drying period.  Returning in summer, the dried silt was then transported to a drying facility. The adjacent field on which the silt had been spread was reinstated, top soiled and seeded.

Daily communication with the client ensured that he public issues were addressed, such as work progress, security and access.  The community support was an essential part of the project and the successful completion was attributed to the team ethos that was established.

Undertaken mainly in the winter months, this project had its weather related challenges, but with a dedicated team and hard work was completed on time.